Cat Sitting Downtown Atlanta

Cat Sitting Downtown Atlanta

Thank you for visiting Cat Sitting Downtown Atlanta. Unlike most other cat sitting and boarding businesses, we rely on word of mouth. And we get plenty.

We are a low keyed, family owned business that adores cats and have veterinarians on call. Our web page is not designed to sell you. It is simply here in case you lose our contact information. If this is your first visit to our site and have not yet come by to say hello, please do visit.

You will find our staff to be carefully selected cat lovers, just as we are. We can’t do justice to the serene environment we provide with web pictures, so your visit and personal evaluation is important.

This will be your kitten’s or cat’s home while you are away and you must be completely comfortable with us. Ask around for references, look for web reviews, but please drop by any time we are open to see how we operate and care for our dear guests. Our pet care background came from growing up with cats and also with the tutoring of the staffs and doctors at local veterinary clinics.

We look forward to seeing you,

Paul and Mandy
cat boarding downtown atlanta